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       The horticultural crops, contributing so effectively to the economy of India in general and rural people in particular, have shown some phenomenal increase in area and production in terms of their share to total agricultural production during the last two to three decades. We initiated the journal, Current Horticulture, published by the Society for Horticultural Research and Development (SHRD), Gaziabad, Uttar Pradesh (India).
       The initiation of Current Horticulture was a timely gesture to provide a viable platform to horticultural science using multi-disciplinary via-medium. In the mean time, journal was recognized by NAAS (a premier scientific body in agricultural sciences), though at a comparatively lower score of 3.71 than ours expectations by any mean, but it has been accomplished only within 3 years of existence of the journal, on a short time scale, it is surely an achievement.
       With the establishment of SHRD, various activities of the society got proper momentum. The proposal of organising the Indian Horticulture Summit-2020 was one of the milestones. This is the biggest solace in my life after having spent nearly 36 years dealing with horticultural science. This is kind of pay back to the society, which many can dream but only a few can fulfill. I am surely one of those privileged ones. I place on record my all acknowledgements to those, who have contributed their abstracts in such staggering number and lead lectures to see that the Indian Horticulture Summit-2020 receives a thumping success. We achieved a grand success in the Indian Horticulture Summit-2020, with the support of you science seekers.

I am gratified with overwhelming response and cooperation of all SHRD’s life members

Dr Som Dutt
Secretary, SHRD and Managing Editor (Current Horticulture)
Formerly Editor (Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences and Indian Horticulture)
ICAR-DKMA, New Delhi, India
Mobile: +91-9868815197